Established by Ms. Dorji Lham in 2017, after having completed 14 glorious years in the cargo management industry. Ms. Dorji Lham decided to turn her efforts into the development of a superior air cargo consultation brokerage and sales operation.

Our company focuses specifically on the professional movement of cargo, which ensures the safety of your shipment's journey. Being a CIFFA Life Member and coming from an extensive GSA background, it was a smooth transition for her. No wonder she is called a perishables ‘Guru’ in the airline and trucking business. Her way of working has helped her achieve this success in a very short period of time.

She believes in satisfying her client’s demands while maintaining the quality and safety of the shipment's, simultaneously. This has helped her create a professional and reliable reputation within the industry.

The best part of this company is that we believe in a ‘make it happen'' philosophy, which is why there is nothing termed ''impossible'' in our dictionary. From air cargo sales and services - to warehouse and specialized handling sourcing and full trucking services from end to end, we make it all happen in a manner which maintains the safety of your cargo throughout. We have workers who are proficient in specialized commodity handling & no product is too complex for our highly trained team. Having General Sales Agent experience helps greatly when shipping packages between countries. Our experience ensures that your cargo does not face any unnecessary impediments.

Our General Sales Agent also makes sure your package reaches its destination on time without having to face any unnecessary hassles. We make sure we provide this valuable service in a very cost effective manner. We are a complete package, providing our expertise at each and every step of the process till your packages reaches your destination.

Our history in Government Agency coordination, means there will be fewer hassles getting permits and all required documentation.

We believe in maintaining a one-to-one relationship with our customers to avoid any sort of miscommunication. Having a one to one relationship with the customer helps a great deal because we get to know the needs of our customer thoroughly. By working only according to our customers'' needs and demands has made us the most trusted industry Guru.

Maintaining a professional and reliable image in this challenging industry can be really difficult; but our expertise and service quality has made it possible; while giving higher yields and returns. If you go through the reviews our customers have given, you will get to know only one thing and that is satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is something that we always aim for. We believe our biggest achievements lies in our customers being satisfied with our work and this has led us to the top position in this industry. In every kind of service related to the shipping business, we have achieved a top notch position in this industry. We have every sort of service related to shipping, you name it and we have it.

From terrific air cargo sales and services, to having a general sales agent or even maintaining logistic sourcing and coordination along with specialized commodity handling, we have it all.

So if you are planning to work with us, just leave it all on us and relax. We have it all covered for you and we will be there with you at every step till your shipment reaches its destination safely and also in time. If you go through the reviews we received from our customers, you will get to know we never disappoint our customers regarding anything.

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

Logistics can be the lifeline of every business… It is very important to upgrade your logistics services game to a whole other level. We are a leading logistics company, providing you efficient services on time and on budget. Our company believes in helping you get your shipment to their destinations, not just on time but also hassle free. We believe in providing first class services to our clients and that is why we are one of the most trusted logistics companies in our industry.

Services we provide


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General Sales Agent

We are a team of experienced and extremely skilled workers. Our sales focus is on finding optimal solutions for pricing and capacity.

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Specialized Commodity Handling

Our knowledge of all the specialized requirements of handling and moving specialized cargo, means that your high-yielding cargo will receive the best care.

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Air Charter Brokers

We source the top highly skilled air charter brokers who take on the responsibility of finding the right Air Service provider to ensure that you have a hassle free experience.

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“Make It Happen” Philosophy

Our Philosophy is there is no such word as “Impossible”. Our leadership follows the make it happen philosophy concept. Our goal is to overcome challenges and succeed where others have failed.